Wednesday, June 19, 2013

French Chocolate Fondue

Today we made Chocolate Fondue! Yum Yum!
Here is the Recipe!

 The ingredients, and the finished product! Chocolate Fondue is so delicious!



  1. i learnd how to make french chocolate fondue put 3 chocolate in the micerwave for 2 minets then stir it 105 times after that you can put anything in it
    marshmelows prazels.

  2. to day i went to art we made chokclet fondue we pot the chocolate in the mikerwa for 2monets end we sterd it end pot the morshmelows in it. end we ate it.

  3. today in art was fun cause we made french chocolate fundue

    1. you do not know how to spell

  4. today in art we made french chocolate fundue first mrs.Demesa cutted up the chocolate then you put the chocolate in a micawave and set the time for 1minute and 30 seconds then we stired up the chocolate and last we diped pritcels,marshmellows,chips and bananas and it wass really good!

  5. today at art we made chocolate fondue it was so good i wish i can eat that everyday because you can dip it into chips and apples and banana pritsels mashmellos itwas gooooooood

  6. Today in art I made chocolate fondue.I dipet it in bananas apples pritsels marshmellos and chip .It was good

  7. Today I made a french chocolate fondue it was yumy the chocolate was the goodist part and the apples was the number 2 goodist part and Today I got my soup it smell'd super good and i'm going to give it to my mom she is going to love it I just now it she is going to love it I just now it the next time i'm going to make some thing i'm going to give it to my dad he is a marine its so cool super cool.

  8. ethen corea 3 gradeJune 24, 2013 at 3:50 PM

    you think this is cool for cring out loud !!!!!!!!!!